Webinoly v1.11.0 is Update now

Webinoly v1.11.0 is Update now

Webinoly LENP v1.11.0 最新版本在今天釋出,增加了 Datadog native support 及針對 S3 桶備份的新功能和修正,更新前請記得要備份你的 VPS 主機。

原本這一篇應該應該要發在 Helloyungke blog 網站上,但這邊的文章太少了,發個一篇加加人氣。

Awesome new features and fixes

  • [New] Datadog native support.
  • [New] Redirection manager now have support for regex.
  • [New] Local DB backup: limit number of backup-files to keep and automatic send to S3.
  • [New] Automatic local DB backups integration to run before an S3 backup.
  • [New] Import DB from local file.
  • [New] Send file to S3.
  • [New] Display info from an S3 backup profile.
  • [New] External-DB support for: local DB backup, clone WP, replace-content and import-db.
  • [New] SSL support to create certs with manual challenges method.
  • [New] S3 backups now have native support for AWS IAM roles.
  • [New] Forward-domain option (full-redirect).
  • [New] Purge log GZ files command.
  • [Improvement] MySQL and PHP log-path updated.
  • [Improvement] Restore S3 backup now have support for specific dates.
  • [Improvement] S3 backups now have support for european buckets and the new AWS bucket url format.
  • [Fixed] Issue when a site is added to a wildcard SSL cert and the url is not updated in WP database with https.
  • [Fixed] SMTP issue not sending emails when hostname is the same as your domain.
  • [Fixed] Server reset missing one PHP file.
  • [Fixed] MySQL sites lowercasing some passwords.
  • [Fixed] Clone WP site issue when force-redirect is enabled.
  • [Fixed] S3 backups issue creating new profiles when user is not root.
  • [Fixed] Conflict between httpauth path and redirection manager when same path is used.
  • [Fixed] Error when trying to redirect root-path.

詳細的說明請查看 Webinoly 官網,因為今天才發佈,官網上還沒有新的功能說明,請等個一兩天。

Webinoly 的作者 @QROkes 很用心維護這個 LENP 安裝程序,在 github 上有一個捐助計畫,一杯咖啡的 6 美金或一個披薩的 12 美金都可以,如果你有使用 Webinoly,而且又有幫助到你的 VPS 和網站,可以給作者一個鼓勵。


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